GDC/Pergola trentina

The GDC (Geneva double curtain) vineyard is a farming system born in the USA during the 50s, in Geneva Experimental Station (State of New York). It consists two vegetation curtains growing along two supporting wires and held by tubular or trellis GDC brackets installed on each intermediate pile.

GDC/Pergola trentina

About twenty years later, in the 70s, Bologna University made extensive changes to the GDC until current training method was obtained, which can be fully mechanized. It is made of two permanent parallel cordons placed at 1,50 meters, at a height of 1,65 – 1,80 meters. Permanent cordons carry short spurs of 1 – 3 buds which generate fruit shoots, concentrated on the two edges.

In this case, posts have to be in prestressed concrete, 8x8cm section as intermediate pile, which have a minimum depth in the ground of 70 cm, and section 8×12 cm as head posts, buried with a minimum depth of 70 cm. The two permanent cordons run along two wires, measuring 4,00 mm diameter held at equal distances by self-supporting brackets measuring 70 cm width each.

The two production curtains must be clearly separated to correctly manage the plant, therefore “combing” operation is essential to guarantee curtain autonomously develop, helping in selection of spurs outwards.

In pergola trentina training system, we use different brackets which, thank to their upwards shape, better expose grapes bunches to the sun, getting an optimal ripening.

Pile structure is the same of GDC system, with 8×12 head piles and 8×8 intermediate one, whereas supporting wires have a diameter of 2,2mm, since they should not underwent mechanical harvest.

GDC Features:

  • cheap cultivation operations, including manual ones;
  • excellent productivity;
  • excellent opportunity to apply full mechanization;
  • good product quality;
  • vertical-shaking harvest.

Pergola Trentina Features

  • strong supporting system
  • excellent solar exposure

System standard set-up

  • self-supporting brackets
  • GDC load-bearing wire Ø 4.0 ÷ 4.5 mm – Pergola Trentina Ø 2,2mm
  • Plant supporting wire Ø 2.6 ÷ 3.15 mm
  • Iron or bamboo stakes

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