Free cordon

Free cordon is a farming system constituted by a permanent vegetation curtain that grows along a load-bearing wire installed along row direction.

Free cordon

Wire is placed at a height of 1,60 – 1,65 meters, where short spurs, 2 – 3 buds, are left on, strictly trained upwards and used to generate fruit shoots. This method is not provided with further wires to gather vegetation; therefore it is used with vines with shoots growing mainly upwards. Steel or prestressed concrete posts are both suitable, set at 6,00 m in the ground, and planted at least 70-80 cm into the ground. On pile edge a 4,00 mm wire runs, which has to support vineyard full weight.

Free cordon is ideal for mechanization, allowing all cultivation operations. Particularly, with a small alteration of the structure, the cordon can be “mobilized” to enable vertical-shaking harvest rather than horizontal one.


  • easy plant system;
  • cheap structure;
  • shoot tying is completely eliminated;
  • good production quality

System standard set-up

  • single load-bearing wire (Ø 4 ÷ 4.5 mm) set at 1,60 ÷ 1,65 m
  • Iron or bamboo stakes

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