Farming system

Solutions and Products

In several areas farming system choice is generally influenced by local customs and traditions, rather than by a deep technical study: today vineyard plants must be designed according to possibility of mechanize most of agricultural operation, also considering possibility to protect the crop from bad weather conditions. We have several decisions to take, from most suitable steel piles for the vineyard, to accessory such as anchorages, stretching systems, wires and cables.

Most of decision should be taken during vineyard planting phase and for this reason a precise project is necessary.

To choose solution most suitable to our desires and needs, the farmer must count on experience, trust and professionals which can significantly limit mistakes during production phase.

And here we can count on Valente with following systems:

  • Espalier;
  • Pergola/GDC;
  • Free Cordon.

We are specialized in turn-key vineyard systems, but we can also only provide materials selected by the client according to his need and decisions connected to vineyard plant.


Visit our Demo field

In our Demo field, born during summer 2016 and kept constantly updated, we offer all Valente know how in systems and coverings against bad-weather conditions (hail, rain, sun, insects), with innovative solution that client can see and touch with his own hand.

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