The TOP post is used as head post for espalier vineyards, also in case of major production, with big loads of grapes, vigorous vegetation and a high degree of mechanization, including mobile handling of containment wires.


The innovative geometry of the profile was studied to guarantee high mechanical resistance, in order to ease the mechanization operations and to ensure the post’s stability in the ground. Like intermediate steel posts, TOP can be easily installed at the desired depth thanks to notches at 70, 80 and 90 cm shown on the post itself. Pile should be planted with open side facing the anchorage, to give it more resistance to head pile flection. The post is profiled and molded using structural high yield steel strips, such as those used in the automotive industry, which gives the product great flexibility and elasticity. The steel is 100% recyclable and thus does not present any disposal issues. The new TOP post was tested against corrosion through exposure to salt mists adding the main chemical products used in agriculture. All lab tests were brilliantly successful. The post is equipped with tensioner slots, which was specifically studied to tighten the wires and anchorage cables and to eventually re-tension them over the time in with quick and easy maintenance operations. TOP head post should be used with its anti-sinking plate to avoid its further sinking in the ground. TOP piles are available in three different kinds: EKO TOP, EVO TOP and ONE TOP. Difference depends on coating type applied on structural steel surface, according to which we get different kind of protection.

Section Length Coating Dimensions
66×65 From 2,50 to 2,90 m EKO
66×65 From 2,50 to 2,90 m EVO
66×65 From 2,50 to 2,90 m ONE
Galvanized Z275

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