Steel piles

Solutions and Products

Valente steel piles represent the best choice to realize resistant, long-lasting and highly mechanized vineyards.

Our steel piles are realized completely inside our metal work department, transforming galvanized steel with specific machineries, two automatic profiling lines that bend, drill and cut 5.000 vineyard piles per day.

Our new posts for vineyard are realized profiling and molding galvanized structural steel belts, with high yield strength like those used in the automotive industry, giving to the product an higher flexibility and elasticity.

The innovative geometry of the profile, with new reinforced ribs, provides for a resistant, flexible and elastic steel post. In fact, the new piles shape gives a greater resistance, especially sidewise, granting to your vineyard a greater stability of its post in the ground, avoiding rows’ tilting.

All new piles for vineyard underwent sever corrosion tests, through exposure to salt mists adding the main chemical products used in agriculture. All lab tests were brilliantly successful.


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In our Demo field, born during summer 2016 and kept constantly updated, we offer all Valente know how in systems and coverings against bad-weather conditions (hail, rain, sun, insects), with innovative solution that client can see and touch with his own hand.

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