Concrete piles

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Prestressed Reinforced Concrete piles are made using pre-tensioning technique, which ensures a greater mechanical resistance.

Valente pile has a trapezoidal shape with four smooth sides and no edges, so to allow use of harvesting machines in vineyards. Our trademark is on the front: V for Valente!

Valente pre-stressed cement piles are realized with the wise combination of two fundamental components: concrete and steel braids.

  • Concrete:

Concrete used for cement posts consists of aggregate materials (gravel and sand) obtained from screened, calibrated and washed natural materials.

These materials give to concrete a very high strength, far higher than aggregates obtained from crushed rock. Sand and gravel are mixed with PORTLAND 525 cement which acts as a glue, keeping them together and giving very high compressive strength.

  • High carbon content steel braid with low relaxation

Inside cement pile a steel reinforcing braid assures pre-stressing to the product. Used steel is highly resistant (r=1870 N/mm2) and made of braids that perfectly adhere to concrete, consisting of two or three intertwined wires with a diameter of 2.25 mm. Specifically:

  • Normal braid 2 x 2.25 mm wires;
  • Reinforced braid 3 x 2.25 mm wires.

Piles quality are guaranteed by DNV through Product Quality Certificate, a document which specifies maximum and minimum tolerances of posts according to following parameters:

  • bending resistance;
  • concrete strength;
  • resistance to freezing;
  • product straightness.

For aesthetic reasons, piles can be supplied in brown color: color is added directly to the mixture, in order to ensure a long-lasting durability. It is also possible to drill up to three holes in the posts, where first hole should be at least 10cm from pile top.


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