Wires and Cables

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Wires and cables are the key elements to realize our vineyard structures and their selection must be carefully done to keep system always tensioned.

Cables connect pile to its anchorage and are made by intertwined hot-galvanized steel wires, which assures high resistance, low relaxation and a long life, thanks to high zinc thickness that prevents frequent re-tensioning or not scheduled maintenance.

Wires connect every row head piles, giving to cultivated plants a strong support.

Steel cables and wires must resist to corrosive substances attack, that are commonly present in vineyard surrounding environment. Steel has extraordinary mechanical characteristics but a limited life: fertilizers, pesticides, must but also water are substances able to corrode and destroy any steel that has not been correctly protected.


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In our Demo field, born during summer 2016 and kept constantly updated, we offer all Valente know how in systems and coverings against bad-weather conditions (hail, rain, sun, insects), with innovative solution that client can see and touch with his own hand.

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