Multi-V bracket

Used to cultivate wine grapes and table grapes on a pergola or MOD, or for seedless grapes.

Multi-V bracket

The MULTI-V bracket is a metal structure with variable configuration, measuring from 1.00 m to 2.40 m, used to cultivate wine grapes and table grapes on a pergola or MOD, or for seedless grapes. The MULTI-V is particularly popular in pergola installations, where the shape of the bracket oriented upwards exposes the fruit to light, sun and air for optimal ripening. The curved shape of the bracket allows for the uniform growth of the vegetation as it provides sufficient support and avoids falling back on the plant. The MULTI-V bracket has eight wire holders and has an adjustable opening, according to the needs, from one meter to 2,40. The bracket consists of four main parts:

  • The two bracket wings;
  • The plate;
  • Universal fastener;

The threaded U-bolt and nuts for fastening to the post and bolts. MATERIAL USED The bracket is made of various steel components that are assembled and welded together. The steel is S235JR, structural, suitable for welding and subsequent protection in a hot zinc bath. This technique makes it possible to uniformly apply a layer of zinc that is 70-100 microns thick over the entire internal and external surface, guaranteeing a long-lasting protection of the steel. The quality and quantity of hot dip galvanization meet all the parameters established by the UNI-EN-ISO-1461 standard. When producing the brackets, we use only the best materials to ensure the system’s stability, robustness and strength. Moreover, welding is done by robots, respecting the international M.A.G. – WPS standard to achieve a uniform, continuous and controlled weld. The universal fastener is made of S250JD steel coated with EVOLUZINC alloy, a protection that offers long-term durability. The U-bolt, specifically designed to be attached to the pile and grant a stable support to the whole structure, is available with the following sections:

  • 7×7
  • 7×8
  • 8×8
  • 9×9

It is realized of a zinc-aluminum coated steel, that prevents corrosion process and assure its resistance. MECHANICAL STRENGTH The brackets must have a very high mechanical strength because they support significant weights – production loads totaling many tons – without sagging and preserving the fruit’s integrity. The brackets have the following strength specifications:

Lenght Strenght +/- 20%
1,00 – 2,40 m 238 kg
0,50 – 1,20 m 120 kg

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