Vineyard with Eko Posts – Villa Imperium Winery


In this new chapter of our technical column “Valente Solutions”, we move for the first time from the orchard to the vineyard, taking a detailed look at the system installed at our client Giuseppe Cocci Grifoni’s Villa Imperium winery.

We are in Offida, at the heart of the Piceno wine-growing area, on a farm that mainly produces wine but also grows other crops such as wheat, etc.

The vineyards are run entirely organically, which is another reason why our EKO post was the best solution. According to Giuseppe, it does not spoil the environment and blends in perfectly well with the surrounding soil.

The territory is indeed wonderful and the choice of the post was certainly ideal for this context.

Specifically, Passerina and Sangiovese are grown here, which together with the other vines cultivated on this farm for a total of about 43 hectares, produce organic DOC Piceno wines such as Passerina DOCG, Pecorino DOCG, Rosso Piceno, Rosso Piceno Superiore, Offida Rosso and the other local DOC wines.

The vineyards are of course of different ages and every year Giuseppe tries to replant the old ones or to plant new ones, so as to always have efficient vineyards and to better mechanise the harvest, which is almost all machine-made, except for the most valuable products for which are hand-made.

As for choosing Valente for his systems, Giuseppe told us that he has been buying our products for years and has always found them valuable, especially the EKO post he has chosen for this vineyard, especially colours and shape.

And we can’t disagree!

As always, we are proud to work with companies that have this vision and this deep respect for the land, which should be preserved and enhanced as much as possible.

Once again we can say… mission accomplished!