Video Series “Posts Stories” – Contadi Gasparotti Winery


This is the eighth episode of our video project ‘POST STORIES‘, which will explore the Italian wine territories through the images and voices of the producers who keep up with their hard work all this wonder that we are used to seeing and tasting today.

Today we are in Valtellina, more precisely in Tirano, a short distance from Switzerland, at our historic customer Cantina Contadi Gasparotti.

We are with Luca, owner together with his brother of this reality that produces the grapes for its wines and works only in the municipality of Tirano.

Luca is in charge of everything related to viticulture and wine production at Contadi Gasparotti, a proudly young winery opened in 2008 with 2006 as its first production year.

The winery, however, has a historic part, renovated in 2010 after the construction of the new part across the road, to which it is connected via an underground tunnel.

A wine cellar that is difficult to use but at the same time very romantic, an ideal environment for ageing red wines

The vineyards, planted and cultivated personally by Luca, are located at the centre of a crossroads of Alpine valleys that look north-east to the upper Valtellina and south-west to the lower Valtellina, intersecting with a Swiss valley, Val Poschiavo.

The older generations have done a huge job over the years in reclaiming, terracing and cultivating such a hostile territory, now it is up to the new generations to continue the work with the same tenacity and passion, but with the knowledge, awareness and technology that is available in 2022.

In fact, Luca has created very high-tech vineyards over the years, relying on serious partners like Valente who supply suitable materials to do this type of viticulture that focuses on structure and systems, as this reduces the number of hours per hectare spent cultivating the vineyard.

All the time saved in installing the posts of the vineyard and managing it is used to focus on the quality of the grapes, which is then reflected in the glass of those who want to taste the wines of this brilliant young company.