PowerShield: the first complete AGRIVOLTAIC system proposal applied to any kind of orchard.


As it is now well known, the ongoing climate change has forced the entire world to rethink the use of the limited resources available on our planet, with particular reference to energy needs that in order to be satisfied, still require a large use of fossil resources resulting in environmental pollution.

The use of renewable energy is becoming mandatory and the only way to reduce atmospheric emissions, thus avoiding the irreparable destruction of what is left on our planet.

Many countries around the world are moving in this direction, and Europe is no exception, providing massive resources to invest in solutions producing low environmental impact energy.

As far as our country is concerned, the NRRP (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) puts this intention on paper, financing all the necessary initiatives for the production of renewable energy.

In particular, it allocates to the AGRIVOLTAIC sector a portfolio of 1.5 billion to be spent on open-field photovoltaic systems to ensure not only the production of electricity, but also the concurrent cultivation of the land in question.

In our case, as a company that has always been at the forefront of the development of innovative technical solutions for agriculture, we are proud to announce the Valente PowerShield System,  the first complete AGRIVOLTAIC system proposal applied to orchards of any kind.

Our solution allows the orchard to be cultivated using normal agronomic practices while providing cover from the elements and at the same time offering the structural extension suitable for installing strings of high-efficiency panels for electricity production.

A system designed in this way is capable of producing between 400 and 700 kW of nominal power, thanks to the optimised installation of high-performance panels distributed along the length of the rows so as to not produce excessive shading and to allow optimal cultivation of the fruit.

Moreover, this solution – to be installed in covered orchards  – can save up to 40 per cent of water requirements through an innovative management and control system for the irrigation system.

The system is offered in two different solutions:

  • with fixed horizontal panels
  • with movable solar oriented panels

Both solutions are managed by a sophisticated software that guarantees the optimisation of the panels’ performance and the complete monitoring of the electrical components with detection of malfunctions and the subsequent reporting of failures to the system manager.

Once again, with Valente the future is already here!