Overview on global apple market – Agricultural News


The end of the European season is fast approaching: traders are now looking to the southern hemisphere to purchase their apples. The harvest there has just kicked off and traders are noticing the greater demand from Europe. The question is whether these countries will be able to supply the European market with their apples. WAPA estimates predict a stable volume in the southern hemisphere.

Also, these countries see great opportunities in the Asian market, while the market share in Europe has been under pressure in recent years. European traders are also looking for new suppliers. For example, this year a Swedish trader is importing apples from Ukraine for the first time. The countries that have had a regular harvest this year are really lucky. This applies to Spanish traders, which make good prices, especially for the Golden Delicious, a variety that was badly hit by frost and hail in other countries.

In the latest figures supplied by WAPA, the total export volume of apples for the southern hemisphere is 1,645,848 tonnes. That is about 20,000 tonnes more than last year. The harvest volume remains stable at around 5.3 million tonnes.

Do you want to know what will happen this year, country by country?

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