A cable is a set of wires wrapped around a central wire, sometimes only virtually, to form a new highly resistant but flexible element for different purposes, but especially to support or pull other items, also very heavy.



In our case, cables are used to connect pile to anchor in systems with rear anchoring. Furthermore, they are used in anti-hail systems for longitudinal and transversal connection of piles, to stabilize the whole structure.

Ultra-resistant steel wires with high carbon content (min. 0,6 %) are used to provide material with high resistance and low elongation rate. In this way, anchoring system can be connected to the pile in a stable way and without extensive maintenance works.

Cables, formed by intertwining wires, are highly flexible and easily adjustable to anchored parts.

Wires quantity depends on cable intended purpose and, consequently, desired resistance. Generally, steel cables with 19-intertwined wires are used to guarantee high strength and sufficient flexibility, preventing wires from breaking and consequently unravelling, as happens with cables with a significant amount of wires (49 or 116).

Wires constituting the cable are normally hot-galvanized and may have different levels of galvanization thicknesses.

Amount of zinc applied to wires defines cable protection class and, consequently, its likely duration over time.




4 0,08 0,80
5 0,12 1,00
6 0,18 1,20
7 0,24 1,40
8 0,32 1,60

*Valente supplies Class-A galvanized cables

To guarantee stability and resistance, cables are used in all systems where head post must be connected to its anchoring system, as well as in covering systems.

Table below shows recommend use based on the different cables available

Ø Orchard Covering systems
4 Spindel, Superspindel
5 System V and Y Hail/ rain
6 Straight and curved pergola Hail/ rain
7 Straight and curved pergola Hail/ rain
8 NO Hail/ rain

ROPSTEEL cable can also be supplied galvanized with a black plastic coating so that surface touching the net is perfectly smooth, avoiding net early wear due to brushing on cable.

We can provide following diameters: 7 wires ø 4/6 mm – 19 wires ø 6/8 mm

A cut-to-size cable with slipknot has been created to ease installation operations and make them quicker and safer.

Description Orchard Covering systems
ø7 with slipknots mt. 3 Straight or curved pergola NO
ø7 with slipknots mt. 4 NO Hail/ rain
ø7 with slipknots mt. 5 NO Hail/ rain
ø7 with slipknots mt. 6 NO Hail/ rain

The selected cables have met the requirements for strength, malleability and duration over time and are ideal for the realization of vineyard and orchard systems with anti-hail and anti-rain coverings.

The table below shows the main characteristics of the material:

Description Ø Diameter Ø Single wire Development 1kg = m Ultimate tensile strenght kg
7 wires Ø4 bob. 50 kg 4 mm 0,8 mm 13,5 1250
19 wires Ø5 bob. 50 kg 5 mm 1,0 mm 8,4 2160
19 wires Ø6 bob. 50 kg 6 mm 1,2 mm 5,85 3100
19 wires Ø7 bob. 50 kg 7 mm 1,4 mm 4,29 3800
19 wires Ø8 bob. 50 kg 8 mm 1,6 mm 3,29 5300
19 wires, Ø4/6 plastic-coated 4/6 mm 1,3 mm 9,71 1250
19 wires  Ø6/8 plastic-coated 6/8 mm 1,2 mm 4,7 3100

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