The metal spacer with “C” profile has a variable width from 60 cm to 100 cm and is used in the Spindle, Y, and Lyra training systems.


Bracket edges are drilled to allow wires passage that support productive branches or to contain the development of cultivated plants.

The spacer is secured to the concrete posts using a threaded U-bolt.

The material used is S250GD structural steel, 1,5mm thickness, which together with the reinforced “C” shape, results with a light yet extremely resistant bracket.

Additionally, steel is coated with EVOLUZINC alloy, an innovative protection that provides optimum surface coverage against long-term wear and corrosion.

The “C” spacer is very easy to install, especially the wire to contain the plants.

The new shape of the hole allows easy passage of the wire through the spacer and its locking system prevent wire slip out. In fact, there is no need to bind it in any way, the wire is free to slide, thus ensuring uniform, continuous tension.

Dimensions Used piles Strenght +/- 20%
0,60 m 7×7 – 7×8 – 8×8 – 8×12 – 9×9 283 Kg
0,80 m 7×7 – 7×8 – 8×8 – 8×12 – 9×9 95 Kg
1,00 m 7×7 – 7×8 – 8×8 – 8×12 – 9×9 70 Kg

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