VA.PA. Super hook

The VA.PA. super hook is a tensioning system made of a galvanized steel body equipped with one to three tensioning rollers that are used to stretch steel cables and wires of orchard installations with hail or rain covering.

VA.PA. Super hook

The VA.PA. super hook consists of three main parts:

  • Super hook: S250GD steel coated with Evoluzinc alloy
  • Tensioning roller: hot-galvanized
  • Fastener: S250GD steel coated with Evoluzinc alloy

All the components were designed to be easy to install and effective during use.

Steel profile of super-hook body has a thickness of 5mm and is 45mm high. It is made of S250GD steel coated with Evoluzinc, the high performing protective coating used in all high-quality materials.

This is possible thanks to Evoluzinc chemical composition, which 3%-magnesium content plants an essential role. It creates a stable and resistant layer that covers the entire surface, offering a greater defense against corrosion compared to hot-galvanized coating.

Made from a hexagonal bar, the tensioning roller has no sharp edges and the hole for wire passage has rounded borders that prevent accidental wires and cables cutting during tensioning operations.

The main features of the VA.PA. super hook are:

  • Perfect tensioning of all wires and cables up to 10 mm.
  • Great resistance due to steel thickness.
  • Perfect stability on the pile.
  • Tension adjustment up to 1/12 of a turn.
  • Suitable for anti-hail and anti-rain orchard installations.

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