Not galvanized anchors

An anchor is a steel rod with one eyeletted end and the other welded to a hexagonal metal sheet, with helicoidal shape which, once screwed into the ground, allows anchoring of wires and cables of head post to the ground in both vineyard and orchard system.

Not galvanized anchors

The anchor consists of a ribbed steel rod with 26-mm diameter, with an eyelet at one end to connect wires and cables.
The helix plate is made of steel sheet, with a diameter ranging from 250 mm to 400 mm and a thickness of 6 mm to 8 mm, shaped into a helix and welded to the opposite end of the ribbed rod.
Furthermore, the steel is 100% recyclable and therefore has no disposal problems.

The hexagonal anchors are not galvanized because steel thickness and rod diameter are so big to minimize any corrosion damage that might cause product destruction.

The anchors have successfully passed resistance tests, achieving excellent tensile strength results for the construction of orchard systems and, above all, anti-hail and anti-rain covers.
These results, combined with different installation kinds, create following use table, crucial for the construction of safe and reliable structures.


Description Covering systems Max row length
Non-galvanized anchor 1.50 m flat 1500/25/250-6 YES 300 m
Non-galvanized anchor 1.50 m flat 1500/25/300-6 YES 400 m
Non-galvanized anchor 1.50 m flat 1500/25/250-8 YES 400 m
Non-galvanized anchor 1.50 m flat 1500/25/300-8 YES 400 m
Non-galvanized anchor 1.50 m flat 1500/25/400-8 YES 400 m


Use guidelines are based on tests carried out on medium-resistant soil with d equal to 1 kg/cm2.
Any change in soil resistance may cause a value change.

Given its size, this type of anchor is ideal for the installation of hail, rain or shade covering systems.
The anchor should only be used in soils without gravel or rocks, which would otherwise prevent the anchor from being screwed into the ground.
Thanks to a specific processing, the edge of the helix is sharp easing its installation into the ground, even when very compact.
The anchor is very easy to install. It can be screwed into the ground without need of digging holes with an optimal resistance and ready for immediate use. In fact, once in place, wires and cables of head pile can be connected and tensioned at any time.

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