VA.PA. Collar

VA.PA. collar is an accessory used with concrete piles, to stretch wire and cables, that allows to eventually re-tension them.

VA.PA. Collar

Collar perfectly adapts to various orchard system types.
It is available for the different cement piles sections: 7×7 – 8×8 – 9×9 – 8×12 – 14×14.

Its studied shape assures greater adherence to the pile and a better resistance to applied stresses.

Moreover, its rear side particular shape allows VA.PA. hook integration and rotation.

Collar is made of S250GD steel coated with Evoluzinc, the high performing protective coating used in all high-quality materials.

This is possible thanks to Evoluzinc chemical composition, which 3%-magnesium content plants an essential role.

It creates a stable and resistant layer that covers the entire surface, offering a greater defense against corrosion compared to hot-galvanized coating.

Wire-tightening roller has a hexagonal shape with no sharp edges; hole for wire has rounded borders preventing wire accidental cutting during stretching operations.

Use of stainless-steel bolt and nut, covered with a transparent, lubricating, anti-grip film allows easy installation and fixing to the pile as well as an easy removal if needed.

VA.PA. collar consists of four parts:

  • Collar: S250GD steel covered with Evoluzinc alloy
  • Wire-tightening roller: hot-galvanized
  • Stopper: S250GD steel covered with Evoluzinc alloy
  • Screws: stainless steel

All components are designed to be easily installed and effective during their use.

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