Spindel is a farming system made of a strong cement pile structure planted at a maximum distance of 5 meters along the row, which can become 10 meters in case of anti-hail covering installation.


Minimum height above ground is 2,50 meters. Plants, planted at a distance between 0.50 and 1 meter from each other, are supported by 3 to 5 parallel wires.

To support early branches, a couple of wires is stretched app. 80 cm above the ground, spaced by a C-shape spacer (width between 0,60 and 1,00 meters). Distance between the rows varies from 3 to 3,5 meters.


  • low training system eases cultivation operations, such as pruning, harvest, treatments, etc.;
  • well-formed plant (no need for selection, pruning or reconstructing productive branches);
  • excellent product quality;
  • more efficient orchard management

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