Solutions and Products

Valente’s systems are made up of different structures, each characterized by the company’s set of accessories:

  • vertical structure (composed of concrete piles)
  • anchoring system (composed of tie-rods and anchorage)
  • stretching system (composed of galvanized wire and ropes)
  • support system (composed of brackets)
  • completion system (composed of accessories)

The structure of each individual system depends on the customer’s type of cultivation. The types of plantations can now be summarized into five categories (Spindel, Superspindel, V-shaped, Y-shaped, Vase and Pergola): they are currently the most technologically advanced international standard structures that ensure quality production standards.

On the other hand, the type of plantation must be designed according to several variables, which must be evaluated by expert technicians who can decide how to better exploit the land’s potential. The most important variables to keep in mind are:

  • the land and climatic conditions of the area
  • the types of plants, their rootstocks and density
  • the possibility to protect plants from the weather
  • the most suitable irrigation system
  • protection against frost


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In our Demo field, born during summer 2016 and kept constantly updated, we offer all Valente know how in systems and coverings against bad-weather conditions (hail, rain, sun, insects), with innovative solution that client can see and touch with his own hand.

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