Wayki® is an innovative “open/close” covering technology, created and developed in Chile, that reduces costs connected to fruit protection.


Wayki® is the only system for anti-rain films quick and automatic, able to protect cherries, kiwi and berry fruits in the best and efficient way, since it can open and close the covering like an umbrella, to get an optimal orchard management.

This innovative technology offers great advantages and, installed on new Multi-shield structure, it represents a complete, effective, flexible and a safe protection for farmers’ crops.

Film special fixing of Multi-shield system allows the farmer to make them slide along structure’s track, so to handle opening and closure at his own convenience, with the great advantage to let plants grow mostly in normal conditions, and to cover them only when this is actually necessary, that is to say when there is a real rain risk, allowing their best development.

Wayki® makes this operation easy and effective, since a single worker can close or open the covering of a one-hundred-meter row in less than a minute, that is to say twenty minutes for one-hectare surface.


The majority of automatic or semi-automatic systems are expensive and require more workers, further than longer timing. Technically speaking, Wayki ® system is enabled by a normal electric screwdriver inserted on a device installed on head piles of Multi-shield system that acts the mechanism placed along the existing rows. This allows the farmer to let the orchard exposed to natural environmental conditions as much as possible, rather than to artificial climate created by the covering, getting harder and sweeter fruits.

Currently Waiky ® is already installed in several different geographical areas, then being exposed to a vast range of different soils and climate conditions, always getting excellent results.

Valente Srl owns the world sales and distribution rights on Waiky® system (Latin America apart), with exclusive rights for Italy.


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