Hoods are used to fasten longitudinal wire and transversal cable in anti-hail and anti-rain systems. Moreover, they are necessary to protect plastic film against possible damages caused by piles’ rough surface.



Hoods are made of high-quality plastic material, tested to resist temperatures from +50 to -30 Celsius degrees and to contrast stresses the system is subjected to. Particularly, used material is a black polypropylene with high impact-resistance, even at low temperatures, and remarkable mechanical characteristics.

Inside the cap a galvanized belt is installed so that, once the cap is placed on the pile, it allows cap fixing through a screw or film-supporting cable, assuring its maximum resistance.

Hood is provided with screw kit to fix wires and cables; central screw is incorporated during plastic casting and cap case is furthermore strengthened inserting a shaped, reinforcing steel disk, in order to avoid screw extraction during wire-stretching phase. Screw kit is hot-galvanized or aluminum-zinc made to ensure durability and re-use along the time. This technique is the only protection that does not oxidize on threaded parts, guaranteeing possibility to unscrew for maintenance or to replace them at any time.

Metal parts (screws apart) are covered by Evoluzinc alloy, a new extraordinary metallic steel coating able to offer excellent protection to surface against long-term wear.

This is possible thanks to Evoluzinc chemical composition, where 3%-magnesium percentage creates a stable and resistant layer covering entire surface, with a defense against corrosion much more effective than coatings with a lower magnesium content, like hot-galvanized steel.

Hoods must be installed pushing them on pile upper edge, to which they perfectly adhere without slipping out, as hole section is slightly smaller than pile’s one. As further carefulness, an eyelet screw has been placed in order to fix the cap definitively.

Caps are available for anti-rain coverings on piles with following sections: 7×8 – 8×8.

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