Anti-insect system

Solutions and Products

Anti-insect system is a tensile structure of prestressed concrete piles, connected to each other through steel cables and wires that are kept taut by anchorage specifically set into the ground. This particular structure assures plant best resistance to bad weather condition, also to strongest one.

Our system protects the orchard from main cultivation infesting insects: Suzuki Drosophila, the so called “berry midge”, Carpocapsa, a small butterfly harmful for apple and Asian stink-bug, the terrible insect arriving from Asia.

One of Valente possible solutions is mono-block.

Monoblock covers the entire plant area, with a scheme similar to anti-hail system, to which perimeter closure with anti-insect nets is added.

It may be possible to include also street under the covering, so that machines access can be controlled with a “door” realized on the net, avoiding to lift it at every machine passage during orchard maintenance operation,


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