Anti-hail system

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An Anti-hail system is a tensile structure of prestressed concrete piles, connected to each other through steel cables and wires that are kept taut by anchorage specifically set into the ground.

This particular structure assures system best resistance to bad weather condition, also to strongest one.

Net is installed over the structure to entirely cover and protect orchard rows from bad weather. It is always slightly wider than rows distance, so to obtain a sloped position with elasticity necessary to withstand hail weight stress.

Furthermore, between net-sheets connection point, openings should form, enabling hail stones roll down.

Main feature of this plant is that net does not entirely rest on the structure but only on top wire, avoiding eventual net slides, caused by hail weight, to uncover the orchard. Transversal cable is essential for structural stability, running over the net and fixing intermediate piles transversally.

With this technique net can lower when solicited by hail weight.

To guarantee plant efficiency and stability, space between net and the ground must never exceed row distance (H≤L).

Often anti-hail net is installed together with anti-rain coverings, so to protect orchard from both bad weather conditions.


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