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To “run business” in agricultural world we have to take into account a higher risk compared to other sectors, connected to natural disaster. Often the entire work of a season is irremediably compromised by a heavy rain, a hail storm, drought or insect attack.

The only way to minimize the risk is to protect the crops with effective “covering systems”. We have different type but the common characteristics is that they are multi-functional, meaning that they are able to give you protection from more than one threat at once, from sun to rain and hail, from wind to insects.

This common purposes apart, each different type of covering has its distinctive features that make it particularly performing in a specific field.

Specifically, our covering systems are this way named: anti-hail covering, anti-rain covering, sun shading covering, insect covering.


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In our Demo field, born during summer 2016 and kept constantly updated, we offer all Valente know how in systems and coverings against bad-weather conditions (hail, rain, sun, insects), with innovative solution that client can see and touch with his own hand.

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