Orchard covered with anti-hail and anti-insect net – Simonini Farm


For this new chapter of our technical column ‘Valente Solutions’, we went to Valtellina, where we found out in detail how our customer and friend Mirko’s apple system is made.

Mirko runs the family business that was started in the 1940s by his great-grandfather, then followed by his grandfather, uncle, father, and now him.

It is a longstanding company, a leader in the apple industry, which in 2017 split into two branches: Simonini, which produces conventional apples, and Bio Valtellina, which produces apples organically.

The distinctive feature of this area is the fact that it is made up of many plots of land, all very small and located on terraces, characteristics that can make their cultivation very complicated.

In Valtellina, it is indeed common to say that a one-hectare plot is a valuable, prestigious plot, because the land is not prone to having larger ones.

This makes Mirko’s work even more heroic, as he has literally ‘created’ on this previously terraced highland a homogenous surface of 4 hectares, on which stands the system we came to discover.

Let us therefore start with the cultivated apple varieties, which are Golden, Golden rush, Modì and Brina, these last ones being resistant to scab.

As far as the system is concerned, the initial requirement was to obtain healthy and beautiful fruit to put on the market. To achieve this, two types of problems (common to many fruit producers) had to be solved; insects and hail.

Mirko’s choice was to solve both issues with a single cover that would protect the plants from both insects and hailstones.

He therefore opted for a white anti-insect net with a smaller mesh than a traditional one, precisely in order to provide a wider protection.

In addition to the top cover, a complete side and frontal closure of the system was realised, so that the orchard is protected almost hermetically.

Moreover, the motorised system allows all sides to be opened and closed quickly and effortlessly, as if they were curtains sliding down automatically.

In this way, the plot is completely closed, which makes it possible to effectively prevent bug attacks even from the ground.

Once the technical analysis has been completed, Mirko’s final considerations relate to the reason why he chose Valente for this system; reliability of the product, professionalism and above all ease of installation of all the components that enable the system to be assembled, from the hoods to the tie-rods and everything else that is needed to install the final system.

These are the reasons why we are proud and a perfect synthesis of what drives our work every day, always keeping in mind the maximum benefit for our customers.