HOP PLANT: a complete system with Valente


Farming system, technical details, all useful information from installation to harvest.

The hop is a perennial flowering plant, belongs to the family of the Cannabaceae and can reach 7 meters in height with a duration of about 25 years. It grows spontaneously along the banks of the rivers at the edge of the woods, in cool and not too much areas, up to 1200 meters above sea level, with fertile and well drained soils.

hop plant

The cultivation of hops began in IX Century in England: although it was already known as a plant, until then nobody had thought to cultivate it intensely.

In Italy, the agronomist Gaetano Pasquì from Forlì introduces hop cultivation and explains its precious quality since 1860. Today 1 kg of hops is sold to breweries at variable prices between € 15,00 and € 100,00 (or even more for a particularly valuable variety). Definitely a profitable market.

hop plant

In recent years hop market has grown a lot thanks to production chain of beer and two are the main reasons for this success. The first is that the hop give an excellent aroma and fragrance and the well-known bitter note to beer. The second is that hop act as natural preservatives thanks to the beer and allowing it to maintain its organoleptic characteristics.

hop plant

Precisely this conservative property favoured the transport, the diffusion and the conservation of the beer all around the world: indeed, before using the hops, the beer produced was destined only for local use.

Valente hop system consists of a tensile structure made of pre-stressed concrete piles, connected to each other by wires and steel ropes held in tension by special anchors fixed in the ground.

hop plant

Pile sections in a hop garden, on average, are higher in size and strength than the traditional pile section for orchard and vineyard. This choice is motivated by the need to reach high heights to promote maximum plant productivity.

Valente system, complete with accessories designed specifically for hops, allows maximum production efficiency to be achieved by increasing the number of plants in the same area. Hop plants can be positioned both along the line of piles and between the rows (where there are no piles), securing in any case the stability of the structure even at full load.

In Italy we have an undisputed leadership, Valente is the first and only company that has structured itself with a certain know-how and products to provide specific solutions for hops.

hop plant