Demo and Training Fields


You are probably already familiar with our Demo Fields, which were established in 2016 and have been renewed several times over the years with the aim of testing on site the innovative solutions developed by our R&D department. Once they have been verified and tested, our customers have the opportunity to get to know and live experience the new systems available.

The fields, which can be visited by appointment, contain all our latest know-how about covering systems that protect against environmental threats (hail, rain, sun, insects).

It is a complex operation, requiring space, time and dedication, and it is no coincidence that there is no other installation in all of Italy that is so complete and well-structured.

It is precisely for this reason that the market in this industry has immediately shown a very high level of interest, represented not just by our customers but also by new businesses and various operators in the industry.

Each visit was informative, both for the participants and for us, because it gave us the opportunity to observe and grasp the needs of the market, allowing us to be inspired to look further ahead and take new paths.

This encouraged us to go further, continuing to develop and extend the format to the next level, which has now come to a successful conclusion.

Last month, in fact, right next to the test fields we completed the creation of a second area designed specifically for training and coaching, firstly for in-house personnel and, at a later stage, for Valente’s customers technicians and installers.

No longer a demonstration area then, but a real Training Field where you can endlessly assemble and disassemble any type of system, handling materials in person and learning all the secrets for a perfect installation.

The first ones to try it, as part of in-depth technical training, were the personnel from KITE, our dealer in Hungary, and the results went beyond our best expectations.

Competence, experience, innovation and sharing are our motto, enabling us to face the present while always looking ahead to the future with optimism!