Technical solutions for vineyards and orchards

The leading company in technical solutions for vineyards and orchards

A history of passion since 1963

​Valente Pali is the leading company in the design and implementation of technical solutions for vineyards and orchards, as well as in the production and supply of pre-stressed concrete and galvanized steel posts, anti-hail, windproof and sun-proof solutions. Valente Pali is present throughout the territory, thanks to a close-knit network of agents and retailers, and it also exports its successful Italian model abroad.

In 2006, the founder, Pietro Valente, transferred the company to his children, Alessandro, Alberto and Edoardo, who are now busy completing the company’s globalization process.

Our Values



We want to be the leading company in vineyard and orchard technical solution, helping our sector workers to improve their work and therefore the world, so that we can all live better.


We want to support agricultural entrepreneur offering materials that respect both his work and its surrounding environment. We grant efficient and safe installation, using the best construction techniques and the best products created by our continuous research of innovative technologies, able to make the farmer save both time and money, with assured mutual economic benefits. We want to contribute to diffusion of a correct knowledge of our solutions to create the adequate cultural background necessary to make correct choices.

The origin of an italian intuition

The Beginning

Valente Pali’s story begins in the ‘50s, when Pietro Valente starts to produce the first concrete posts with a centrifugation system to meet the needs of farming families.

The ‘60s

Over the following years, Pietro Valente has perfected his production technique and begun to supply his farmer friends. In 1963, Valente Pali Centrifugati is founded to produce lighter posts of higher quality, that were twice as resistant and durable than the others on the market.

The ‘80s

The year 1980 marks the beginning of the production of straight posts. The uniform width leads to a substantial production increasing. In 1985, Valente opens the Carpentry Department to be able to produce new accessories suitable for the new vineyards and orchard system types.

The new millennium

At the beginning of the 2000s two important changes occur: the company moves to the new headquarters
and aims to ensure the quality production processes winnings the challenge of UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification.
A few years later, Valente is the first company in its sector to obtain the CE product certification for the pre-stressed concrete posts.

Recent History

In 2006, the founder, Pietro Valente, transferred the company to his children, Alessandro, Alberto and Edoardo, who are now busy completing the company’s globalization process.


5 different production lines

The 10,000 sqm. production plant is equipped with the latest technologies available on the market, amongst which the innovative 34-meter high tower concrete plant, which can hold 400 cubic meters of inert material and up to 300 tons of concrete.

The mix is released along 5 production lines that can produce 60,000 linear meters of pre-stressed concrete posts on a daily basis

Production tower

The workshop


Our workshop works and transforms steel with special equipment before assembling it on 4 robotic welding lines.

Furthermore, the workshop is equipped with an automatic profiling line that molds, drills and cuts 5,000 steel posts per day.

The warehouse and logistics

The warehouse has an uncovered surface of 60,000 sqm. and a covered one of 2,000 sqm.: it can stock up to 6,000 items to make sure they are always available for customers.

The purchasing orders are checked by a state-of-the-art computer system to ensure a fast and reliable delivery. Furthermore, an in-house transport service is provided and managed by specialized personnel; the service is provided on wheels, by railways or ship for longer distances.


We believe in the future of the agricultural sector

For this reason Valente actively contributes to the training of tomorrow’s agrotechnics and agronomists. Through training and guided tours of the plant, students can see firsthand the costruction’s processes of the plants.

Projecting and advising

  • Prima

After carefully listening to our clients need, we are able to give advices and assistance necessary to realize the system.

Particularly, our company offers a “turnkey” service, assisting the farmers in several different aspects:

  • visit on the field of our technician, to learn and study client needs;
  • project and design of technical solution;
  • materials delivery;
  • transport and customs clearance service;
  • after-sales assistance.

Every operation is carried out with Valente materials and by our qualified technician, to grant to the client a safe investment and a profitable outcome.