Citrus grove with V-Protect hail system second part


For this new chapter of our technical column ‘Valente Solutions’ we return to Calabria to the farm of our customer and friend Natalino Gallo.

We are still in the Sibari Plain, on the northern side of the municipality of Villapiana (CS), an area known for the production of tangerines with the best organoleptic characteristics on the market.

A true excellence that, however, has its qualitative peak limited to a period that goes from the first of November to 5 – 6 January.

For this reason, about 25 years ago, Natalino started planting new early and late varieties that were entering the market for the first time in those years, thus expanding the range of production and maintaining very high-quality characteristics for a longer period of time.

However, it was soon realised that these new varieties were particularly delicate and consequently needed to be protected.

We chose covering nets, which today, including late and early varieties, cover around 40 to 45 hectares of tangerines.

Our first covering system was built in 2000 and therefore it can celebrate 23 years of age, a milestone that makes us particularly proud.

To this end, we asked Natalino the reasons why he chose to rely on Valente so many years ago and continues to do so today.

His reply could not be better: “For the quality, also aesthetic, of the posts, all smooth, perfect and uniform. And then for the feedback I get from the installers, who are satisfied, they find effective solutions and for any problem they always receive an answer, and this is very important. In addition to quality there is also assistance, not only at the beginning but also in the after-sales service if we encounter difficulties.

He continues: “In 2006 – 2007 we unfortunately experienced a big snowfall that took down the facility and that’s when we saw how the Valente company stood by us, both in terms of helping us with new solutions and financially. We really appreciated it.”

We are really proud to be able to be a partner of this wonderful company, to be able to help them out in solving problems and making sure that the crops develop and grow in the best possible way!