Sormaf : Valente Dealer in France



SORMAF Interview – Valente Dealer in France


1. Hello William, can you tell us the history of your company?

I’d be glad to. SORMAF was founded in 1978. It’s the French subsidiary of SORMA, an Italian and international group specialised in the production and distribution of materials and supplies for the packaging of fruit and vegetables.


2. How big is your company? Tell us something about your business.

SORMAF has a workforce of 90 people across 6 agencies (Cavaillon in the southeast, Bressols in the southwest, Cornillé-les-Caves in the Loire Valley, Ille-sur-Têt in Perpignan, Saint-Pol-de-Léon in Brittany, and Fère-Champenoise in the north) and also a subsidiary for the Moroccan market, SORMAF MAROC.


3. Where did you learn about Valente?

Today we are a well-known player in the sale of equipment for fruit growing.

In order to continue our growth, we wanted to develop a new business centre focused on crop protection, with an emphasis on solutions for the future.

Our best customers immediately recommended Valente, and so that’s how it all began.


4. In addition to your customers’ advice, what are the reasons that convinced you to choose Valente?

Our visit to the Valente production plant in Italy and the meeting with the company’s great people immediately convinced us that we had found the right partner.


5. What do you buy from Valente?

Valente offers us exactly what we were looking for:

– An innovative product for the French market, with concrete posts.

– Designed and turnkey solutions for our customers.

Valente also gave us the chance to develop a new sector for Sormaf, for the VINEYARD, with a complete range of products that has already proven its worth in this market.


6. In your opinion, what are Valente’s strengths?

First of all, Valente has a very large production facility.

Each project is carefully studied by expert technical staff.

The customer is also provided with all documentation and certifications regarding product quality.


7. What are the needs of your target market?

The French orchard protection market is expanding rapidly. Today, climate change requires our customers to protect their crops. Our customers therefore need a reliable, durable product.


8. What sets you apart in the market?

Our solution stands out in the market thanks to its structure made with concrete posts, which guarantee our customers:

– Durability that is greater than for natural products such as wood, which, due to its growing scarcity, is of a lower quality and more expensive.

– The quality of a product made under standardized production conditions, with all the necessary certifications that guarantee our customers a controlled product.


9. Do you usually develop special solutions for your customers?

Our solutions are always based on a preliminary study based on the characteristics of each customer: type of crop, orientation of the orchard or field, area and weather conditions.

Based on the results of the study, we recommend the best possible solution.


10. Are your customers asking you to work in this manner?

Our customers are sensitive on this point.

They’re not just looking for a supplier that can sell them products, but rather professionals who can provide innovative, sustainable and often turnkey technical solutions that allow total control of the project.


11. What is the Elastiko system? Is it used for any crops in particular?

The Elastiko system starts from a classic anti-hail cover system where the fastening of the nets is modified. A reinforcement is positioned approximately 70 cm from the outer edge of the net, to which plates are secured that are in turn connected by an elastic rope. ELASTIKO makes it possible to optimise the space below by allowing plants to grow in vase forms, and, in the event of hail, not allowing the nets to settle on the branches causing damage both to the net and the plants.

We use it mainly in areas where hailstorms are very violent, and as far as crops are concerned our customers in Corsica have recently told us about the excellent results achieved with the system used in a clementine orchard.

Our thanks to William for spending some time with us, and we hope to be able to further develop our partnership to best meet the needs of your customers.