Apple orchard system – ‘Società Agricola Vanzani’ Farm


In this new chapter of our technical column “Valente Solutions”, we will tell you in detail about the apple orchard system we realized for the agribusiness ‘Società Agricola Vanzani’, which belongs to our long-standing customer Mr. Giuseppe Vanzani.

This agribusiness is located in Belfiore, in the province of Verona.

Everything started in 2018 when the idea of creating a new orchard was born; subsequently, a new plot of land was purchased in order to increase the farmed surface.

The new plot of land of 11.60 hectares is completely dedicated to apple cultivation.

There were several requirements to be addressed; first of all, we had to tackle and solve the Asian stink bug problem, which was devastating our client’s orchards.

This is the reason why we decided to design this system, also known as “cube”, made of a closed net system in order to create a barrier and divide the orchard inner area from the outer area. This way, we managed to prevent attacks not only from the stink bug but also from other pests, such as the Carpocapsa, the fruit-piercing moth, and the Eulia, another harmful insect for orchards.

Valente’s technicians, in coordination with the client, conceived an innovative system that combined a covering system equipped with an anti-hail net against the summer hail problem, together with the side closures to prevent the entry of these new pests.

As a result, Valente created a “monobloc” system: a completely closed single structure that is obviously not hermetically sealed, yet still sufficiently protective against insects’ attacks.

The solution of closing the street has been very appreciated by the client because it helps a lot in the orchard management.

As a matter of fact, this solution does not create any kind of barrier from the technical point of view as far as the smooth passage of agricultural vehicles is concerned.

Thanks to the sliding net at the entrance of the street (see the video for further reference), once it is open, tractors or any other vehicle needed can easily access the orchard and move around without any barriers in between.

In order to achieve this result, the net has been placed in the outer border, leaving the whole street free, without creating any inconvenience for the operator.

This is a great advantage for the client since it allowed us to create a cutting-edge system, while preserving all the advantages of an outdoor orchard, like the old ones.

We are very proud to see the system in action, and to acknowledge our customer’s satisfaction. Once again, we can say… mission accomplished!