Arko system for red kiwifruit – Cruciano Farm


In this new chapter of our technical column “Valente Solutions”, we will tell you about the red kiwi system installed at the Cruciano farm of our client and friend Patrizio Villa.

We are in Val D’Aso, in the beautiful Marche region, at the foothills of the famous Moresco, one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy.

We came to visit the bold Patrizio to talk about the truly innovative system he has created, which we are going to analyse in detail.

The company owns a total of 18 hectares, 14 of which are in Ortezzano; three years ago they started a new adventure by creating this specialised system to grow red kiwifruit.

The initial idea was to start with traditional anti-hail and anti-rain systems but then they completely transformed it, and the final result looks more like a specialised greenhouse.

The idea arose from the unfortunate experience suffered over the last 10 years with the kiwi bacterial disease, a bacterial cancer that has affected plants all over the world and made them sick without anyone finding a solution to curb the problem.

It was therefore thought to design a particularly reinforced structure, with very closely spaced posts and extensive use of arches, which are not used in the traditional anti-rain cover systems we are used to.

This system thus provides the plants with maximum protection from increasingly severe, rapid and sudden weather events.

In terms of operation, the central part is covered 12 months a year whereas in the centre of the system a flexible zone has been created to allow for the opening of the net in spring and summer when it is warmer, so that the plants can benefit from air and light.

These plants are indeed fantastic and, surprisingly, each one is the perfect copy of the other, a clear sign of Patrizio’s expert hand in handling them.

As far as the relationship with Valente is concerned, Patrizio has been our customer for many years now and buys posts and accessories to complete the system.

According to him, we are the only company in Italy and throughout Europe that is known for the quality of its materials, he has always been satisfied with us and he confirms that we provide excellent value for money.

And if he says so, why should we disagree?