Anti-rain Multishield system – Ghisiliera Farm


For this new chapter of our technical column ‘Valente Solutions’ we went to the province of Bologna, more precisely to Zola Predosa, to find out in detail what the cherry orchard of our customer Daniele Rimondi, owner of Azienda Agricola Ghisiliera, is like.

Daniele’s company is a new business that opened five years ago, and five are the years of the plant that is the subject of our in-depth analysis today.

Here we have a medium-intensive cultivation of the Sweet variety from the University of Bologna, for which they chose to install Valente’s Multi-Shield covering system two years ago.

Daniele was born in the countryside but his education as an electronics engineer led him to work in London for eight years.

However, his passion for cherries never left him and so, at some point, he decided to come back and take over the family business.

Moving on to our system, Daniele tells us how the choice of this type of system was a gamble because he was among the first to do so in his area.

The decision was made after a visit with the Consortium on our test field, where he was truly amazed by the ease of both assembly and management of the system.

At that point he decided he wanted it right away, blindly, without knowing whether it would really work or not, and after two years he can say he made the right choice because the results are amazing.

The reasons for this, in his opinion, are many; first of all, in the absence of irrigation the plants remain better under the cover than outside, especially these varieties that develop 30+ gauges and would easily split if they get even a few drops of rain.

Daniele then goes inside the orchard and collects everything, which also saves a lot of hours of handling and opening and closing the system.

This is because the system consists of anti-rain sheets that are split and are as wide as the distance between one post and another, in this case 8 metres.

Once the harvest is over, all the sheets are unhooked and packed up like bellows.

The operation is very quick, two people manage to close them all in a day and a half, so you have the opportunity to do it as soon as the harvest is done to maintain them over time.

Practicality is therefore not questionable, but will the protection from rain be as good?

The question arises especially by virtue of the fact that the sheets, being split between one post and another, could leave the way clear for water to enter and ruin the plant.

Daniele, who has experienced more than one heavy rainstorm with his system, categorically denies this doubt; water does not enter because the sheets overlap each other and, unless it rains horizontally, it is impossible for water to enter.

On the contrary, the split sheets also provide great benefits in terms of the wind which, when it enters, is able to vent and go out, thus putting much less stress on both the material and the entire structure, which remains more stable, minimising the risk of breakage.

Daniele told us that he had experienced five twisters on this system and it had not suffered any damage.

The last interesting point is about the reasons that led him to choose Valente.

Daniele replies: “First of all I chose Valente for the innovation, because it opened up a new world for me, and in fact in the future we will definitely continue with Multi-Shield. But also for the quality of the materials and the reliability, I was also very pleased with the deliveries, so far we haven’t had a problem and we are very satisfied.

What can we add… we are always very happy and proud to be able to give our contribution to people like Daniele who always look ahead and achieve amazing results (his cherries speak for him)!