Single row anti insect system – Casa Delle Rose farm


In this new chapter of our technical column “Valente Solutions”, we are going to describe in detail the apples planting system carried out at the Casa delle Rose farm of our long-time customer Luigi Frigo.
We are in Belfiore (VR) in the land of apples and Luigi’s company, which covers about 25 hectares mainly planted with apple trees, has been certified organic since 1991.
Recently, the majority of the company’s planting system was renewed and on that occasion, it was decided to install a white anti-insect net which, fixed at the top and completely closed at the bottom, would entirely cover the plants.

This system is commonly called MONOFILA (monofilament) and is a little different from the systems we traditionally see. The customer specifically chose to use single rows to limit as much as possible the damage that insects, Carpocapsa and Asian bugs in particular, cause to plants with great difficulties for farmers.

This system also has the advantage of acting as a hail protection system, as testified by Luigi, who was able to keep his orchard healthy and protected even after the heavy hailstorms that hit the area this year.
The outcome can be seen in the quality and quantity of the production, which is astounding, especially since we are speaking of organic farming.
But that’s not all; part of the farm has been covered with a frost protection in order to protect it during the coldest nights and possible frosts.
When the temperature approaches zero degrees the overhead irrigation system starts up and this saves production.
This year alone the system has been activated 8 times.

In conclusion, Luigi revealed that he chose Valente for the ease of installation of the system and because Valente can supply accessories that make it very simple to set up the structure, guaranteeing very good quality.
We are proud to work with companies with such a vision and once again we can say…mission accomplished!