The first complete solution of agrivoltaic system applied to the orchard.

Our solution allows to cultivate with the normal agricultural practices the orchard with weather cover and at the same time to have the structural extension where the strings of high efficiency panels for the production of electricity are installed. The system thus configured is able to produce 400 to 700 Kw of nominal power, thanks to the optimized installation of performance panels distributed over the length of the rows so as not to produce excessive shading and allow the optimal cultivation of the fruits.

In addition, this solution can save up to 40% of water needs, through an innovative system of management and control of the irrigation system that will be installed in the covered orchard.

The system is proposed with mobile panels with solar orientation.

The solution is managed by a sophisticated software that ensures the optimization of the performance of the panels and the complete monitoring of the electrical part with the detection of malfunctions and subsequent reporting of anomalies to the plant operator.