Vineyard covered with anti-hail net – Verzini Farm


In this new chapter of our technical column “Valente Solutions”, we are back to talk about vineyards and we will analyze in detail the system realized at Azienda Agricola Verzini of our friend and customer Lorenzo Verzini.

We are in Tregnago, a town in Val d’Illasi in the province of Verona, an area of excellence for the Valpolicella denominations and for the production of the famous Amarone wine.

Lorenzo’s winery, inherited years ago from his father and now counting about 30 hectares, is almost all cultivated with vineyards, mostly DOC Valpolicella with some Garganega and some IGT.

This vineyard in particular, with rows of Corvinone vines grown using the Veronese pergola system, was chosen to grow grapes for the production of Amarone and Recioto della Valpolicella.

The particularity of this system is evident: it is in fact the only pergola system in the Val d’Illasi covered with anti-hail net.

The area is particularly prone to hail and every year there was the problem of spoiled grapes, also at the end of August/beginning of September during harvesting time, that is the reason why it was decided to protect it.

However, the pergola method of cultivation required the creation of an unusual and customized covering system.

Usually this kind of covers are in fact used in orchards and are called “flat netting”, but in this case, and only for this system, was adopted an additional solution represented by a wire underneath the net that provides support in case of hail storms.

Moreover, since the area is very exposed to wind, the net also acts as a windbreak, especially on the sides where it is a bit lower and is able to slow down the hailstorms that arrive from the west, more precisely from Lake Garda, which is a basin where strong storms often occur.

As for his relationship with Valente, Lorenzo states that he chose us for several reasons, the main one of which relates to our ability to provide a system from the beginning to the end, designed by in-house technicians and built with quality products.

“If we also add after-sales services and everything else in between, in my opinion Valente is the leader in systems,” Lorenzo concludes.

What can we add to a statement like that? Only that we are happy to have served such an innovation-oriented customer and to have helped him to solve the problem of the cover on this vineyard, which for the moment is a peculiarity on this territory but we hope it can become an example for future installations.