Anti-insect covering for apple orchard


For this new chapter of our technical column ‘Valente Solutions’ we remain in Valtellina, more precisely in Tirano, to discover in detail what the apple orchard of our customer and friend Marco looks like.

We are in the eastern part of the valley, in an orchard with a three-hectare surface area cultivated mainly with apple trees, although in recent years Marco has decided to invest and differentiate production on a wine-growing line as well. 

Valtellina is a very particular and unique reality, a valley that runs horizontally, from west to east; the mountains behind Marco’s orchard are the Orobian Alps, where apple cultivation is favoured, whereas on the side facing north, on the slopes of the Rhaetian Alps, vine cultivation is widespread, and this is something that has been established since ancient times.

Marco’s system covers an area of three hectares cultivated with half Gala apples and half Granny Smith apples, with a distance between rows of 3 m and between plants of 80 cm for an annual production of 500 quintals per hectare.

The system is equipped with anti-insect covering, a choice made mainly to avoid damage caused by the Asian bug. 

The nets are set up for both a front closure and, of course, there is a top cover protecting the orchard not only from insects but also from hailstorms. 

The quality and integrity of the fruit are in fact of vital importance to Marco because the production is mainly destined for the market in the neighbouring country of Switzerland, as it is located right on the border area, a slightly different market to the traditional one. 

The apples must be particularly polished, shiny, clean, without that rusty line that many consumers prefer because it gives that extra touch of goodness but which is not appreciated in this market, where a flawless product is demanded.

Having finished the technical analysis, Marco was keen to say that he chose Valente because it is a company that stands out for its materials, capable of supplying not only the posts but everything necessary to create a complete system, including the smallest accessories such as the tie rods and every small component that completes the system and adds that touch of class to the entire system. 

Thank you Marco for sharing your experience with us and for having us.

We truly wish him and his company all the best.