The 10 biggest apple exporters in the world


The ultimate top-ten of apple exporters

Native to Central Asia, apples have been consumed all over the world for thousands of years. The fruit is protagonist of many important mythological and religious traditions in history.

The complete passage of apples cultivation, which from self-consumption is transformed into a flourishing productive and commercial activity, takes place during the Nineteenth century, during which the fruit is produced in the most suitable territories.

apples exporters

Currently there are about 7,500 types of apples in the world. Different varieties, or cultivars, are developed for various purposes, mainly to obtain different flavours and textures. These differences allow apples to be used for many different uses, such as raw consumption, cooked or in the form of cider.

Apple production is a multi-billion-dollar industry and the only export, according to Worlds Top Exports data, is worth 7.5 billion dollars. Apples are marketed throughout the year and this means that they must be kept, as the harvesting season lasts only a few months.

The conservation technique is that of storage in warehouses or in cells with temperature control and with a high concentration of carbon dioxide. This is done to ensure that ethylene (gas produced by the ‘breathing’ of the fruit and responsible for the maturation, first, and then the decomposition of the fruit) does not increase too fast.

apples exporters

Here is the list of the 10 biggest apple exporters in the world, with the related turnover:

10. Belgium: exports of 149.5 million dollars.

9. Netherlands: $ 221.1 million.

8. South Africa: 353.7 million dollars.

7. New Zealand: 433.2 million dollars.

6. Poland: 441.8 million dollars.

5. France: 720.0 million dollars.

4. Chile: 822.3 million dollars.

3. Italy: 975.6 million dollars.

2. China: 1,027.6 million dollars; China is the largest apple producer in the world.

1. United States: 1,088.4 million dollars.

apples exporters

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