The TOP post is used as a head post in the implementation of espalier vineyards, also in case of major production, with big loads of grapes, vigorous vegetation and a high degree of mechanization, including for the mobile management of containment wires. It is expressed in: EKO TOP, EVO TOP and ONE TOP.

Like for intermediate steel posts, TOP can be easily installed to the desired depth thanks to notches at 70, 80 and 90 cm shown on the post itself.

The post should be used by orienting the open side towards the anchoring in order to confer greater resistance to the head’s bending.

The post is equipped with a tensioner housing, which was specifically studied to tighten the wires and anchorage cables and to register them over time in order to ensure quick and easy maintenance operations.

The TOP head post should be used with the plate in order to prevent the pole from sinking.