The EVO post is used as an intermediate post in the implementation of espalier vineyards, also in case of major production, with big loads of grapes, vigorous vegetation and a high degree of mechanization, including for the mobile management of containment wires.

The steel is 100% recyclable and thus does not present any disposal issues.

The surface of the structural steel is coated with a layer of zinc applied through continuous hot-dip galvanization to achieve a uniform layer. Such protection is identified with code Z275, which specifies the amount of zinc used per sq.m. of coating surface (275 = 275 grams per sq.m.)

The post can be equipped with two different types of hooks: N and H.

The N hook is recommended for vineyards that are implemented in hilly areas, where the sloped grounds could make the wires come out of their natural seat.

The H hook is recommended for vineyards that are implemented on flat lands and with consistent use of mechanization for containment wires.

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