Products and systems catalogue 2018 – News in Valente

Products and systems catalogue 2018 – News in Valente

Our brand-new Valente catalogue is available both printed and in PDF version, which you can view and download here.

The first part of Valente catalogue is dedicated to systems, farming systems and coverings. For vineyard we indicate the three most common types of farming systems: espalier, GDC, free cordon. For orchard, however, we have spindel, superspindel, V-shape, Y-shape, vase and pergola.  Coverings described are anti-hail, anti-rain, anti-sun and anti-insect.

All sections are complete with descriptive text, technical drawings, illustrations and tables.

The products are divided into six different macro areas:

  • VERTIKALE: concrete and steel piles
  • ANKORA: anchor systems (iron rods, plates, propellers, super VA. PA. hooks, cables)
  • SOSTEGNO: brackets for plants support in orchards and vineyards
  • STRUKTURA: tensioning systems (wires, VA PA. collars, VA. PA. hooks, wire tightening roll)
  •  KOMPLETO: fixing and supporting accessories (iron stakes, wire-stop hook, springs, collars for chains)
  •  KOPERTURA: covering systems (hoods, super VA. PA. collars, side spacers, plates, anti-hail net and anti-rain film)

Download the new Valente catalog now and visit us at the next fairs to get your copy!