KALAMITA: the final solution to protect your orchard from insects

KALAMITA: the final solution to protect your orchard from insects

Protecting our orchard from insects is nowadays became a crucial need that, whether neglected, may cause a nearly complete destruction of fruit production.

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Today anti-hail covering became multi-functional structures, since they need to protect not only from bad weather conditions but also from insects. In fact this is the only solution proven to be effective against this problem, given that covering are completed with border closures that physically prevent insect to fly inside the orchard.

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Solutions actually proposed presents some limits in orchard handling.

Consequently, when we plan the construction on a new orchard, best solution is to sit down and carefully plan closure of side streets of the orchard, so to get what is known as “mono-block closure” where, once inside with machines, when can freely move, carrying out all cultural operation as usual and without obstacles.

Problem of this solution is that we need a wider quantity on soil comparing to standard anti-hail systems.

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In case we already have an orchard installed with anti-hail covering, solution is to put an anti-insect net directly on anchor cable and, once necessary to enter the orchard, we have to use different system that rises and lowers then net, allowing machines passage. Problem in this case is related to net opening on more than one row simultaneously, exposing a wider part of the orchard to potential attacks of damaging insects.

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The final solution (and a brand new one) to avoid above descripted problems is to adopt KALAMITA closure, designed, patented and produced directly by Valente.

This anti-insect system is install-able on any kind of orchard, both existing and new one, allowing entering and exiting of machines opening just one row at a time.

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In existing orchard it is sufficient to install spacers on head piles where anti-insect net will be set. Net borders will be fixed with KALAMITA, a pair of high-resistant polyethylene profiles containing magnets set at specific distances and with such an attracting ability able to grant net closure with any weather condition.

As you can clearly see in the video, tractor and any connected device (sprayer, cutting or others) enter the row simply pushing on KALAMITA system as long as they divide the two profiles allowing machine to go in.

Once entered, the two magnetic profiles will automatically close without any help from third persons.

System can be installed any time on different type of net (anti-hail, anti-carpocapsa, anti-drosophila, etc.) and on any kind of existing covering, including anti-rain and shadowing system.

Profiles set up is very easy; they are fixed directly on the net using specifically designed snap buttons. In every opening we need to install two profiles of different length to allow an easy entrance of machine.

In any case, for a perfect functioning of the system an accurate planning is necessary, with specific installation phases Valente will be pleased to provide you.