General Meeting 2019: training, visit on the field…and fun!

General Meeting 2019: training, visit on the field…and fun!

On June the 27th and 28th we organize our yearly general meeting. It is a warmly awaited event, a fundamental appointment on our schedule that every year at the end of June gathers our most important foreign dealers.

GM 1


From Portugal to Georgia, from Greece to Holland, we are now cooperating with 45 different countries.

Valente General Meeting represents not only a training and comparison moment, but also an occasion to meet our foreign dealers that every day work to make our products and service well-know all around the world.

We dedicated Thursday 27th to “classroom training” on vineyards and orchard by Hotel San Felice in Verona, a location that allows us to work at best in the lovely surroundings of Val d’Illasi hills.

Particularly we focused on these topics:

• Steel and its protection

• Different solutions for anti-insect protection, presenting new KALAMITA closure

• Sales process: what are different steps and attitudes

• New items development.

GM 2


Our training day is then ended with an excellent wine tasting by our client Tenuta Sant’Antonio.

GM 3


On Friday 28th we organized training on the field with visit of couple of systems, giving our partners possibility to touch with their own hands different solutions developed for our clients. In the morning we have been by Belfiore (VR) to visit our historical client VANZANI. In this apple orchard, further than anti-hail covering, the plot has been closed all along the borders, including head streets, applying anti-insect net to protect the crops from Carpocapsa and Asian stink bug.





In the late morning we moved to Cellore d’illasi (VR) by our partner and dealer Lorenzo Verzini to visit a pergola system with anti-hail covering for Amarone wine.

The specific covering, with a “sandwich” protection system sustaining the net, optimally solving problem of net brushing on the brackets.





A successfull event, result of commitment and cooperation of all its participants. They have been two bus days but, at the same time, really satisfying, where interest and curiosity of our parents towards our products confirmed the importance of such training events for our company.

We warmly thank everybody for their participation and… see you next year and 2020 Valente General Meeting!